Joseph Audio to showcase the Amazing Pearl3 Reference Loudspeakers in Munich! 

Don't miss this rare opportunity to hear the Joseph Audio Pearl3 speakers for yourself. 

Be sure to find us in Room E209 on the upper level of Atrium 4 with Alluxity  and Purist Audio Design and discover why Joseph Audio speakers consistently garner universal acclaim for superior sound quality. 

Our digital files will sing out in style on the remarkable Alluxity Media One, Alluxity Pre One & Alluxity Power One Amplifier.  We will also play Acoustic Sounds latest open reel sampler tape and perhaps a surprise treat! 

A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

Jeff Joseph will be there throughout the show,  conducting demonstrations and answering questions about these remarkable speakers. Please come by and say hello! 


What audio experts are saying about previous Joseph Audio Demonstrations.


Best Sound (cost no object): Joseph Audio Perspective Speakers ($13,000)

...played my ¼" tapes with resolution, balance, and a togetherness that was delightful." - Andre Jennings, The Abso!ute Sound

"I had never heard Jeff Joseph's Perspective floorstanding speakers (around $13K) before. They had an arsenal of great gear and Cardas cabling driving them of course, but from my perspective, these are great speakers." - David Robinson, Positive Feedback

"Sound you might consider selling a kidney* for—majestic, bountiful, intricately woven" - Robert Schryer - Stereophile      *Please note that we do not currently accept payment in human organs. 

A limited number of distributor appointments are available during the show, please contact us early to arrange a time.