Sensitivity: 86 dB SPL, with 2.83 volts RMS @ 1 meter, 4 pi (anechoic).


Sensitivity combined with impedance indicates how much amplifier power is required for the loudspeaker to play at satisfying volume levels. When comparing this spec to low impedance (4 ohm) designs, you must add 3 dB to the figure, since 4 ohm loads draw twice the current from the amplifier, providing the illusion of greater sensitivity, while placing more stress on the amplifier’s power supply. The moderate sensitivity of the Pearl indicates that even smaller amplifiers can achieve realistic levels in all but the largest rooms.


Impedance: 8 ohms nominal, 6 ohms minimum.


System impedance indicates whether the speaker presents a "hard" or "easy" load on the amplifier. True 8 ohm speakers are less amplifier and cable sensitive, and partner well with a broader range of amplifiers, including tube designs.


Crossover: 3-way Series/Parallel Asymmetrical Infinite Slope Crossover at 2 kHz & 130Hz. 


Constructed of specially selected components, woofer, midrange and tweeter crossover circuits are physically independent.  Each network is tested and individually calibrated to a high degree of precision, resulting in a virtually perfect match to the original design prototype.


The steep filter slopes ensure good acoustical behavior in the crossover regions, with a minimum of acoustical interference, along with low distortion and wide dynamic range. Driver acoustic responses are in-phase throughout the crossover regions.


Frequency Response:

The Pearl3 delivers a very smooth and even response over a very broad listening window. Unlike conventional low order crossover designs, the speaker retains its sonic balance over a wide angle both vertically and horizontally. This results in a higher level of fidelity than a simple on axis measurement can reveal.


Listening window response:  within 2dB from 25 Hz to 20 kHz.


Dimensions and weight: 43" (1092.2 mm) H x 11" (279.4 mm) W x 18" (457.2 mm) D.


Shipping weight approx 330 lbs. (145 kg) / Packed in 4 cartons.