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Question: “ I own a pair of older Joseph Audio speakers and would like to upgrade them to current performance”

Upgrades are available for some of the older models. We can upgrade the RM7si Signature mk2, RM22si Signature Mk2, RM25si Signature Mk2 & RM33si models.  Some older models are not completely upgradable (the woofer cutouts are smaller than the current versions) but it is possible we can do partial upgrades - contact us with the specifics of what you have and we’ll discuss the options with you. 

Question: “I own an old pair of JSE Infinite Slope speakers from the 1980’s with a ‘lifetime warranty’ and I need them repaired or I need parts for them, can you help me?” 

JSE was a previous licensee of the Infinite Slope technology. We did not make those speakers and we are not affiliated with JS Engineering. We do not have parts for their speakers. The woofers used in most of their models were custom manufactured and used foam surrounds that often became brittle over time. The best option is to send the woofers to a speaker repair and refoaming expert to have the surrounds replaced. Millersound Systems in Lansdale PA does a fine job and can be contacted at (215) 412-7700. They have a web page at www.millersound.net