But it’s the bass that shocks. Where the heck does that come from?
— Scott Hull, Part-time Audiophile
While it’s become an audiophile cliche to talk about mini-monitors that “defy physics” by creating extraordinary amounts of bass, the Prism could be the next bellwether for this type of thinking—all for a price slightly less than half the cost of the Pulsar. And while I suspect the Pulsar outdoes its little brother in terms of sheer size, it was almost shocking to hear the Prism create deep, tuneful bass that could instantly put a big smile on my face.
— Marc Philips, The Vinyl Anachronist


If you've wished to own a pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars (and who can blame you?) but don't have the funds to buy a set, we have some very good news for you! Introducing the Prism, It's a small speaker, but it still thinks it's big! And when you hear its powerful bass sound and spacious imaging you'll think it's big too! The specially designed woofer has tremendous throw with a powerful motor to deliver bass with authority and definition. A newly designed crossover optimizes the woofer's seamless transition to the dual section sonatex dome tweeter. The result is a speaker that will astonish and delight you with its convincing natural sound. It's transparency will let you hear into your music like never before.