I can’t think of another speaker at or near its price point that I’d rather own and it smokes not only my previous references, I’ll happily predict that it will remain my go-to sub-$20k recommendation for the foreseeable future. Just to pile on, if I didn’t already own Pulsars, I’d be looking to steal a pair of Perspectives.
— Scott Hull, Part-time Audiophile
It blew me away. First off, the soundstaging was incredible... the bass... was very deep and rich but never overblown. Finally, the midband was marvelously textured and detailed, making voices sound exceedingly natural and real. The top end was super sweet... it will surely be a speaker that should be on the shopping list of anyone who’s looking for a high-quality, compact floorstander that’ll knock your socks off. It did mine.
— Doug Schneider, Soundstage.com


The Perspective2 Graphene brings a large measure of the Pearl3 sound in a very compact and easy to place enclosure.

With its only sonic rival its bigger brother, the Perspective2 Graphene easily stands out. Within the slender Perspective2 Graphene resides an amalgam of the finest qualities that a mini monitor has to offer coupled with the power and impact that only a floor standing design can deliver. The Graphene coated Magnesium woofers and Sonatex Hexadyn tweeters are seamlessly matched as is only possible with our proprietary crossover technique.

The acoustic design of the cabinet is very complex and rigid, with multiple bracing to keep the box as silent as possible. This structural rigidity translates into clarity and focus of the highest order. The seamless Asymmetrical Infinite Slope crossover gives the Perspective2 a unique sense of coherence. The sound retains the same character from top to bottom, greatly contributing to the overall realism of the listening experience. The special Graphene Magnesium cone woofers are tuned to tautly extend the low frequency response for bass that can be heard and distinctly felt.